Filming in the Cave
Filming in the Grotte

The Grotte de la Salamandre in pictures

Since it opened to the public in 2013, the Grotte de la Salamandre has been the subject of numerous reports broadcast on TV channels. Several fictions have been filmed there, and we have also tried to immortalize some concerts or other events of which the Grotte was the theater. In French but with beautiful images!

Le Journal de 20H - TF1

Very beautiful images seen by millions of viewers. A great consecration for our efforts.

Joséphine Ange Gardien making of - TF1

What a pleasure to receive Mimie Mathy and all the film crew of Josephine Ange Gardien. Big means for this cult series, and the result is here!

Avril 2018 - Le 12/13 France 3 National

In April 2018, France 3 came to “cover” the flight sessions of the Aeroplume. This video went first on regional TV, then a few days later on the National network…

The 50th anniversary of the discovery - France 3

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the discovery of the Grotte, we invited the “inventors” who relived their first descent in front of the cameras of France 3!

The Grand Opening of the Grotte - France 3

At the grand opening of the Grotte in 2013, France 3 was there to film the reaction of the spectators

On n'est pas que des Cobayes - La Cinq

The Grotte de la Salamandre was chosen by the team of “On n’est pas que des Cobayes”, for a “Special Jules Verne” show. A Journey to the Center of the Earth … and in a Balloon!

Le JT de 20H - France 2

When France 2 is interested in the world of caves and those who protect them …

Underground Wine Tasting - Via Occitanie

The TV channel Via Occitanie was present during one of our underground wine tasting

Bienvenue chez-vous - TF1

Jean-Marc and Zoubida from the Mas de Cyjelac in Saint-Denis received their hosts for the show “Bienvenue Chez Nous” on TF1.

So France - D8

Shortly after the opening of the Grotte, the channel D8 broadcast this interesting report on the setting of the cave.

L'amour est dans le Pré - M6

Yes, M6 came to turn L’Amour est dans le Pré in the Grotte. With Monique and Jean-Marc!

Le 12/13 - France 3

Thanks to France 3 for another great report on the Aeroplume

Le Grand Rappel - TV-Sud

TV Sud (today viàOccitanie) follows us from the beginning and has made some very beautiful reports …

Slackline and Lyric Art - France 3

When a slackliner meets a singer in a cave, it gives very beautiful images filmed by France 3

Equilibre musical - A Daniel Penez movie

Daniel Penez made a very poetic film about the meeting of the singer Lucille Marchel-Seumois and the slackliner Thomas Van Eeckhaute who made a crossing of 80 meters in the Grotte.

Trail des Avens 2018

The “Trail des Avens” gathered in 2018 600 runners for 4 very unusual beautiful races. On the program, the “Moss Forest” and the crossing of the Grotte de la Salamandre. Here is a little clip that reflects the very festive atmosphere of this trail.

1er Vol en Aéroplume - TVSud

The channel TVSud (today viàOccitanie) who has followed us since the beginning, was the first to be interested in what would become a star of the media …

Before Couleurs Guitare

The Festival “Couleurs Guitare”, had warmed up the day before in the Grotte. With Michel Aumont, Valerie Duchateau, Joel Gombert, Eric Gombart, Jean-Felix Lalanne, Solo Razafindrakoto, Only improvisations…

Romuald Grimbert-Barré and Nicolas Dupont

When a rising star of classical music meets another star, it makes a very beautiful evening!

Payou and the Gypsies

Payou is a figure of the Gypsy world and when he comes with his Gypsies, the atmosphere is guaranteed!