Un groupe dans la Grotte

Discover the Grotte de la Salamandre in Group

  • An Incredible Cave
  • A show unique in Europe
  • A very preserved natural site
  • Tours in French, English and Deutsch
  • Comfortable equipment
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Two bus parks
  • Disabled car park and drop-off area
  • Amazing vegetal architecture
  • Shaded terrace with fogging system
  • Activities for all
  • Regular organization of events

Seminars, Work Councils, Associations or Clubs, Health Centers, the Grotte de la Salamandre is a versatile touristic site, ideal for your day or half-day group excursions.

Open to the public since 2013, it obtained the Gold Medal of Tourism, 2 stars “entry” to the Michelin Green Guide, and carries the labels “Qualité Tourisme”, “Sud de France”, “Tourisme et Handicaps” and “Family Plus” that guarantee your comfort and safety.

1 Grotte, 4 half-day ways to discover it

The Guided Tour

€ 8.00 per person

from 20 people.
Max 50 people per tour.
Duration 1 hour
(1 departure every 15 minutes for groups of more than 50 people).

The Belvedere

€ 7.50 per person

max 50 people
or 10 chairs per tour
(1 departure every 30 minutes for groups of 50 people or more).
Non-guided tour.

The Grand Rappel

€ 35 per person

from 13 persons.
By group of 4 people, 8 people per hour max.
Duration 1h30′.
Requires a good physical condition.

The Backstage

€ 30 per person

from 17 persons.Per group of 8 people. Groups spaced 30 minutes apart.
Duration 2h30′.
Requires a good physical condition.

Some full day proposals

Awakening of the senses

€ 35.00 per person

from 20 persons.


Themes :

  • Culture
  • Nature
  • Terroir
  • Emotion

Program :

  • Visit of an Amanderaie
  • “Terroir” lunch
  • Guided tour of the Grotte

The "Gardechoise"

€ 39.00 per person

from 20 persons.


Themes :

  • Heritage
  • History
  • Culture
  • Terroir

Program :

  • Guided Tour of the Grotte
  • “Terroir” lunch
  • Tour of the Château des Roure

Around the Ceze

€ 43.00 per person

from 20 persons.


Themes :

  • Culture
  • Nature
  • Gastronomy
  • Emotion

Program :

  • Visit of a lavander distillery de lavande
  • Gastronomic lunch
  • Guided Tour of the Grotte

Underground Cohesion

€ 79.00 per person

from 8 persons.


Themes :

  • Experience
  • Cohesion
  • Spelunking
  • Self-awareness

Program :

  • The Grand Rappel
  • The spelunker’s basket, on terrace
  • The Backstage


3 dropping zones

  • On the main parking connected to the Grotte by a 700m interpretation trail.
  • On the turnaround area located only 150 m from the welcome center.
  • On site, for disabled people (8 meters max minibus), with direct wheelchair access to the cave.

A spectacular terrace

Enjoy our terrace to quench your thirst, savor a small snack or taste an ice-cream!

Shaded and equipped with misters, the terrace has tables that we can arrange at your convenience, up to 90 seats.

A large tent will shelter you in case of rain.

Our shop

The site houses a shop that offers original and quality products. Very beautiful minerals from the region and elsewhere, organic cotton textile items, games for all ages and regional products.

Look up and admire the superb vegetal wall that adorns the ceiling.